How to use Spa Ball

1. 用水噴在草球表面

2. 把香草球放入蒸鍋內,蒸約4分鐘

3. 從蒸鍋或蒸籠內把香草球取出,待草球的溫度可以接觸皮膚。即可按摩在面或身體各部位。



1. Spray water or soaked Spa ball.

2. Heated Spa ball with steamer 4 minutes.

3. After steamed. The temperature of spa ball and handle is very hot.

Should take out and cools until it can be safely applied to skin.

4. Press and massage gently on shoulder, arms, legs and

back with the direction of clockwise.

5. Use facial spa ball to press and massage from forehead to chin

in circular motion