Bannidin Mask & Scrub Powder


Cinnamon 肉桂、桂皮 具有抗炎,促進血液循環、鎮靜、抑制真菌。 Cinnamon Powder has been used to anti inflammatory, anti septichaving acne-fighting, antioxidant and antimicrobial. Use daily to gently...Read More

Curcuma Aromatica

Curcuma Aromatica 姜黃  具有治療皮膚病、抗氧化、抗菌、抗炎、去暗瘡。   Linn Turmeric Powder has been used to anti-inflammatory agent, an effective treatment for skin diseases,...Read More

Din So Pong

Din So Pong ( Thai white mud | 泰國白泥)  具有癒合傷口功能,清除皮疹,軟化皮膚。治療暗瘡及雀斑。舒緩曬傷和刺激,使肌膚如絲般柔滑。 Din So Pong  Thai White Mud Powder has been used...Read More

Fa Ta Lai Chone

Fa Ta Lai Chone 產自泰國。具有抗菌、抗真菌、治療感染,祛除濕熱和排除毒素。 Fa Tha Lai Chon Powder has been used to help anti-bacterial, Treat infections, Anti-fungal...Read More


Ginger Powder Ginger 生薑粉可緩解眼睛疲勞或緊張。減淡斑、去印、有效地治療修護曬傷皮膚。has been used to freshen up the face and sooth tired or strained eyes.  It can be...Read More

Kaffir Lime

 Kaffir Lime 檸檬葉 檸檬葉粉具有抗致癌、抗細菌、袪除暗瘡。Kaffir Lime Powder has been used to anti-carcinogenic, anti-bacteria acne.   Direction: Apply the mixture of Herbal Powder...Read More


Licorice Powder has been used to allergies skin, wounds, acne scars. Licorice 歐亞甘草  適合過敏皮膚、去粉刺、治愈傷口、淡化瘡印。 Direction: Apply the mixture of Herbal...Read More


Mangosteen 山竹(學名:莽吉柿) 山竹原產於東南亞。具有抗氧化,美白、抗菌,消炎,抗真菌,抗衰老,袪除暗瘡。 Mangosteen Powder has been used to anti-oxidation , anti-bacterial , anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-aging ,rashes, infections and get rid of...Read More

Natural Aqua Gel

Baanidin Natural Aqua Gel removes dead skin cells gently and effectively to help in skin renewal for softer, smoother...Read More