About Glamour International

Glamour International 成立於2009年。市場上的美容產品種類琳琅滿目,選擇繁多,質素參差,錯誤的選擇對消費者帶來嚴重的後果及身心傷害,令消費者難以選擇。現時更多的消費者對成份的認知日漸增加,也越來越注重自身的健康。美麗之餘更著重天然健康,對品質的質素要求日趨嚴謹;有見及此,我們的團隊同樣認真和致力於尋找及引進非一般的天然純淨美容產品,例如:功能性的化妝品、護膚品、護理產品等。我們對產品的要求亦相當嚴格,令消費者用得安心及安全,這是我們的信念和宗旨。


Glamour International was established in 2009.  Among all different types of cosmetic products in markets with claims of natural and herbal ingredients, it is difficult to choose the right products for the right types of skin.  How to avoid choosing the products making your skin that become worse?

We, a team of professionals, are committed to provide high-quality, natural-based skin care eco-friendly, sustainable, natural ingredients with a wide selection of products from skin care to cosmetics through exhaustive and extensive research.  Our cosmetic products do not only give color but also rejuvenate your skin as supplements with post-procedure care for prolonged the results.  Our mission is to serve your concern of beauty and safety.

We develop and select exceptional formulas for effective skin care and cosmetic care products.   Our products are using natural-based or organic ingredients whenever prudent or accessible.